No. The CityPASS partner attractions, who retain legal ownership of their admission tickets, do not allow us to donate or give their tickets away for charitable purposes. Each attraction has its own policy regarding donations, and they require that all such requests go through their respective giving departments for approval.

No. Our partner attractions in Orlando (Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando Resort™, SeaWorld® Orlando and LEGOLAND® Florida Resort) do not allow us to provide complimentary media tickets to their parks. Please contact the Orlando theme parks directly to request media tickets. 

Advertising inquiries should be directed to the CityPASS Marketing Department. The CityPASS Media Relations Department does not handle advertising.

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Working journalists (on-staff or freelance), radio/TV hosts, travel bloggers and influencers can request media comps by filling out and submitting the online request form, which will be automatically submitted to the Media Relations Department. Be sure to provide complete information. Someone from the Media Relations Department will reply to your inquiry, typically within one to two business days. Note: Media comp tickets are not available for the Orlando or Southern California CityPASS programs.

No. The partner attractions in Southern California (Disneyland® Resort, LEGOLAND® California, SeaWorld® San Diego, San Diego Zoo® and Safari Park, and Universal Studios Hollywood™) do not allow us to provide complimentary media tickets to their parks. Please contact the Southern California theme parks directly to request media tickets. 

No. The CityPASS partner attractions limit the number of media comps to two (2) complimentary tickets per media research tour: one for the visiting journalist and one for her/his guest. Additional CityPASS tickets for your travel party may be purchased online at CityPASS.com or at the first CityPASS attraction you visit.

Because the child age range veries from destination to destination, all CityPASS media comps are adult tickets. It is fine for a child to use an adult CityPASS media comp if they are traveling with a working journalist.

Because the Alcatraz Tour option is only available when CityPASS tickets are purchased directly from Alcatraz Tours (on-site, via phone or online), the Alcatraz Tour option cannot be pre-loaded onto any media comps.

The CityPASS Media Relations Department is happy to contact Alcatraz Tours to request complimentary media tickets for working journalists. Alcatraz Tours reserves the right to approve/not approve any journalist’s request. As space is limited on the Alcatraz Tour boats, requests are sometimes denied because the preferred tour is already sold out.

No. CityPASS tickets are not subject to blackout dates. On occassion, attractions may close all or a portion of their attraction for private events, maitenance, inclement weather conditions, etc. We suggest contacting the attractions direclty to verify hours and availability over your travel dates. 

No. Media comp tickets are for use solely by approved journalists. Journalists who want tickets for a giveaway to their readers, viewers or listeners may contact the Media Relations Department  with a proposal.

No. Media comp tickets are for use solely by the journalist to whom they were issued. CityPASS comp tickets may not be transferred to another person, sold, donated or auctioned.

The attractions, who retain legal ownership of their respective admission tickets, do not allow CityPASS to provide tickets for charitable or fundraising purposes. Instead, they ask that all charitable requests go directly to their respective giving departments.

The agreements CityPASS has with its partner attractions stipulate that promotional comp tickets should be given away in pairs—two tickets per contest winner. However, in some cases, the attractions may approve additional tickets per winner/prize package. The CityPASS Media Relations Department can take special requests to the attractions for review and approval.

Most CityPASS media comp tickets are now mobile tickets that are sent directly to the international journalist's email in-box. This allows us to avoid shipping and customs delays. Note: International journalists may request their mobile CityPASS tickets in one of seven languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.