Brand Guidelines

Below you will find a summary of the CityPASS editorial guidelines. As a journalist writing about our brand, we ask that you help us retain the integrity of our brand by following these simple guidelines.

Editorial Guidelines

  • “CityPASS” is spelled as one word with a capital “C” and all capital letters on “PASS.”
  • When referring to CityPASS admission ticket products or services, “CityPASS” should be used as an adjective, never as a noun or verb. The name "CityPASS" should be followed with a descriptive name/noun for the admission ticket product or service, such as “CityPASS ticket(s),” "CityPASS booklet(s)” or “CityPASS program.”
  • While the name CityPASS includes "pass," please do not refer to our products as "passes", "coupons" or "vouchers." Each booklet contains actual entrance tickets, as opposed to coupons or vouchers that must be traded for an admission ticket.
  • The generic product/service names “ticket(s),” “booklet(s),” “mobile ticket(s),” “program,” etc. should not be capitalized.
  • Editorial guidelines permitting, please use "CityPASS" to refer to our products. Even if your outlet's editorial guidelines do not allow for all caps on "PASS," please do go with a one-word spelling of our name.
  • CityPASS® and City Pass® are registered trademarks of City Pass, Inc.
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